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How Does Native Advertising Work?

How Does Native Advertising Work?

All industries have their own language, and digital marketers are no different. Just spend a few minutes on Facebook, Google, or any marketers blog for that matter, it won’t take long for even the most resourceful small business owner to feel overwhelmed. Navigating jargon filled threads and news feeds in an attempt to learn how to generate leads for your online business is a full-time job in and of itself. In this

There’s a common misconception that Content Marketing and Native Advertising are one and the same, and so mistakenly use these terms interchangeably. In this post, we define Native Advertising, and how it plays a vital role in marketing your brand, and most importantly, how it should feel for your perfect customer when it’s done right.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising primarily comes in the form of paid media. You would recognise it as any paid content you might see in your news feed. By definition, it is nondisruptive and appears as though it blends into the theme of the organic content within the feed. This would typically take the form of promoted tweets on Twitter, suggested posts on Facebook and Instagram or the promoted posts on LinkedIn.

Business owners and marketers are using native advertising more now than ever to build trust with their target market, and encourage user engagement.

The Where, What & How of Native Advertising

  • Where – Brands pay for the content placement, within platforms outside of their own authority sites and social media pages.
  • What – The content is useful, engaging, interesting, informative and targeted to your specific audience. No shameless plugging allowed!
  • How – The user experience is not disrupted because native advertising is delivered in a way that does not interrupt the user’s normal behavior.

Native Advertising – Does my Business Need It?

The idea is for Brands to create native advertising that looks, sounds, and feels as natural as possible to the landscape of the host site, and their style of content.

You know you’ve succeeded with your native advertising campaign when it doesn’t disrupt the user experience and offers value that encourages users to engage with it.

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